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Alberta Referral Business Network Video - July 26, 2019

Full Service Graphic Design studio


We are here to listen to you.

We don’t charge for research and discussion. Lucas Graphics works out of a home office that is warm and inviting to have a coffee and chat about your next project.

Work around your schedule.

Unlike expensive Advertising Agencies that charge time just to get to know you - we know your time is valuable. 

We are here to help make you stand out when you are ready.

Measure up to the quality you expect.

Clients don’t want just talent. They want to get to know someone they can count on. 

It’s important to be reliable, manage clients needs, develop consistency and prove trustworthiness.

Communicate memorable design

As a designer you have to take direction and this helps improve your work and build on communication.

We work until you are happy and appreciate the referrals.

Proud Member of the ARBN Network Group - Park Summit

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