Little Company. Big Design.

Little Company. Big Design.

Sheilah Lorenz - Senior Graphic Designer, Owner

Sheilah started Lucas Graphics back 1991. With 28 years of experience it has allowed her to accurately quote projects so that we can under-promise and over-deliver.

We will give you an accurate estimate so that you can budget properly.

Getting to know a new client is just as important as the project itself.

Online, on the phone or in person. At Lucas Graphics we ensure we have all the information we need going forward on a project. 

From Research to Design Completion

We take the appropriate amount of time to research the exact concept you want so that we can deliver without wasting time. We do not charge for any of this research time. These are the only billable hours you will see. We make sure that you are satisfied with our proofs. You review and approve the final design.

Volunteer Work